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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Episode 16 - Adepticon (aka Cold Hard Boiled Egg)

Episode 16 is here and unlike a cold hard boiled egg, it tastes delicious. This was for us a very cool episode for a number of reasons. First, we are talking about Adepticon and all of the excitement that comes with the event. Next, Andrew, Chuck and myself have finally been able to work out recording together in person and over Skype. Finally, I got to use my new Tascam digital recorder to interview a few folks at the convention.  

Episode Timeline
00:00:17 Opening Discussion and Listener Email 
00:13:50 Day One - Adepticon Interviews 
00:27:40 Day One - The Unstable Dice After Party 
01:06:40 Day Two - Morning before WFB Team Tournament 
01:30:58 Day Two - Recap 
02:08:43 Day Three - 40K Combat Patrol and Battlefleet Gothic Tournaments 
02:25:23 Day Four - WFB GT Review and Adepticon Overall Review  

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John: equinox@unstabledice.com

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Tournament Tuesdays - Adepticon 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

GW to Eliminate Specialist Games

GW is starting to eliminate Specialist Games altogether, and Battlefleet Gothic seems to be first on the list. They are gone for good and won't be replaced as stocks run out. Best to check any other Specialist Games that you like...BFG is my favorite, so this is a crying shame.

Last chance to buy whatever you want from GW specialist games ranges, better be in quick. This is a list of what's no longer available for BFG as of this moment (in the US):

Chaos Fleet:
Despoiler Battleship: NLA
Desolator Battleship: NLA
Repuslive Grand Cruiser: 1-2 weeks (probably soon to be NLA)
Possessed Chaos Cruisers: NLA

Dark Eldar:
Dark Eldar Cruisers: Not even pictured anymore

Void Stalker: NLA
Shadow Cruiser: NLA
Hellbore Frigates: NLA

Imp Navy:
Shark Assault Boats: NLA

Scythe Cruisers: NLA
Dirge Escorts: NLA
Jackal Escorts: 1-2 week delay

Completely Intact (For Now)

Space Marines:
Gladius Frigate: NLA

Completely Intact (For Now):

Completely Intact:

Space Station: NLA
Rogue Trader Cruiser: NLA

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Accessorizing Your Toys: 40k non-GW bits

Have you ever wondered what other companies are out there? What bits might someone else produce that you just can't seem to get from GW? Well, here are some that I have found and would recommend:

Canada: Ultraforge Miniatures
If you're looking for alternate big daemons, I'd highly suggest this group. They have a couple for every Chaos god, which is pretty cool. I bought the Lord of Pestilence and painted him up. It was a simple, high-quality cast, with the following result:

Added some old-school Nurglings and he was done. I call him Mr. Pud.

USA: Secret Weapon Miniatures
This American company just fired up a kickstarter for 12"x12" gaming table squares. They look pretty good, along with their other items. They don't have a whole lot in the way of conversion bits yet, but what stuck out to me were the helmet crests.

These appeal greatly to me because of my Ultramarines! Previously, one would have had use Eldar helmet crests, but with these I can make my Greco-Roman themed marines even more so, or start something new and make them look awesome.

UK: Anvil Industries
They feature plenty of alternate weapons that look to be 40k-scaled. I'm not sure how I feel about their infantry designs, but prices are decent. If I were to pick one item from them that is absolutely awesome, it's this:

Because shotguns are awesome and hard to find, much less well-done double-barrel shotguns, much less a break-action one that's open! Totally cool; sometime in the future I hope to make an order for these for my Imperial Guard.

Poland: Puppets War
With a decently-sized and growing selection, this is the company to watch for new bits. Some of their models now grace the gaming tables in our club, simply because they are creative and high-quality. They have plenty of alternate models for units as well, which is nice. This is my pick from them:

I have made an order with them for these arms, and they couldn't have been nicer with questions and customer service. This is a company I highly recommend.

Poland: Scibor Miniatures
There are plenty of decent minis with this company, but what really got to me was how many shields they have. So many shields!

If you want a fancier look for your thunder hammer/storm shield assault terminators (and let's face it, every Space Marine player has at least one squad of them), look no further than this group.

Yet another Polish resin-producing company. Makes one wonder if the whole industry over there is producing accessories for us nerds! They have a large selection, and having seen it on the shelves I know it's high quality stuff. It's unfortunate for me that I only discovered them recently, because I spotted this:

Riot shields and mauls! My friends and I started up some Necromunda last year and had a lot of fun, but I had to scrounge bits for my police team. I just might order a set of these at some point...

If you feel I missed a great company, let me know! I always like expanding my available pool of bits'n'things!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Episode 15 - Daemons of Khorne

The Unstable Dice Podcast continues to embrace the newest wave of chaos by continuing the discussion around the new Daemons of Chaos for Warhammer Fantasy.  This episode focuses on the Blood God Khorne and his minions of war.  Before the discussion about Khorne can begin, Chuck shares the results of the latest Waste Wars tournament and what he has been doing hobby-wise lately.  Before all of that though, Chuck and John read a question from a listener.

Episode Timeline
0:17 Reader Email
09:52 Marshaling the Host
17:06 Daemons of Khorne

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