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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Podcast Junkie - Week of 01/12/2015

This episode begins with hobby updates and a brief discussion about the newest Hobbit movie.  I personally thought the movie was pretty good, but could have been a little shorter as I started to get battle fatigue from all of the epic scenes.  The shows discussion of the movie was lite on details, but I appreciate them doing that to avoid spoilers (though Andrew makes a good point that the book is 40+ years old).

The main topic of the episode was their review of End Times: Glottkin.  I must say this review was leaps ahead of what the show did with their review of End Times: Nagash.  Their review of the fluff was detailed without being ridiculously drawn out.  I also felt that it helped that this episode was recorded after they had started to read End Times: Khaine as they avoided some mistakes in the fluff that I noticed in the Nagash review. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Podcast Junkie - Week of 01/05/2015

The episode opens with a review of some of the recent dataslates that were released in White Dwarf.  I felt like the reduced cast for this episode really helped with the review as it seemed more focused.  The first segment also contained some discussion about what they are expecting with the next Necron codex.  On a personal level, I really enjoyed the part about pariahs.  I still have fond memories of using them in 3rd edition to scare an opponent’s army off the board at Adepticon.

The next segment was an interview with Steve, owner of the Miniature Market.  At first, I felt the interview was insightful on how the relationship between retailer and GW works.  That said, as it progressed, the interview became a series of complaints about the company.  I get that GW is notorious for their business practices, but this interview came off as bitter and unenjoyable. 

When it came to the listener email segment, the discussion about reviewing bad units stood out the most to me.  I don’t know if I share the show’s opinion that a review cannot be honest and still maintain an air of positivity.  It seems to me that a good review can point out potential uses while still presenting a case for why there are better options.