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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Domus - Rat Ogre Kingdoms


I've agreed to join the Regiments of Renown project John is hosting and will be creating models that will eventually be part of a larger Warhammer army.

Inspired by a theme idea given to me 5 years ago by a close friend I will be creating a Rat Ogre Kingdoms force.  Basically, an Ogre Kingdoms army entirely using rat ogre models and a skaven theme.  The rat ogres are host to a number of awesome models rarely seen except as unit fillers due to the terrible rules currently in play for them.

This Regiment of Renown will be used as a bit of proof of concept for my army force and will help me to work out basing decisions and create a small diorama to help push my theme.

I'm still working out the exact details of what to include in my force.  100 pts does not give one a lot of room for ogres.  Currently toying with 2 ogres, 1 sabretusk and 3 gnoblars.  More to come as I figure that bit out.

For now I just want to state some of the goals I hope to hit with this project.

I really want to push contrast in every way possible.
Old Models ---> New Models
Converted Models ---> Unconverted Models
As well as pushing contrast with the paint on the models themselves.

In the next week or two I will put up a post with both my army build and some WIP models. 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rise of Legends: Ryan G: High Elves

Hey Gang,

       My name is Ryan G, and I am playing Regiments of Renown! John has been nice enough to invite me to join this campaign project, and I appreciate the opportunity. If you have listened to the most recent Unstable Dice Podcast, you heard Joe F mention that he would ask his buddy Ryan to join this campaign to give us an even number. Well, that is me. I have been playing Fantasy off and on for the past 15ish years. You can also hear me a bit coming up on future episodes of the Waaaghcast with Joe F.

      For the RoR, I have chosen to do High Elves. I narrowed it down to either High Elves or Wood Elves, but considering that I already have enough High Elves sitting in a box, and no Wood Elves in sight, it made my decision even easier.

My tentative force list is:

Pheonix Guard – Leader



Silver Helm

Silver Helm

Shadow Warrior

      The current idea is to do a winter theme for them. I have always liked the look of well done snow bases, but have never tried it myself so thought this would be a great opportunity. The army force choices were completely made due to background/theme, and models that I already have. I purposely took some duplicate model choices to force myself to do some conversion work to make them look different. I know the Shadow Warrior is not a very good choice because you can’t Scout in RoR, but I like the model and like the theme. A brief background is that my force is chasing a Dark Elf Assassin into Naggarorth for retribution for killing the High Elf King and Queen. Because of the assassination of the King and Queen, the princess, now Queen, does not have the time to deploy an entire army so she is sending a elite scouting force to snuff out this assassin.

       Anyway, I am really looking forward to doing this, and because it is only 6 models, I can really put some time and effort into these and do the best I can. Only the Shadow warrior is metal, so the rest of the models will hopefully have some small conversions to them due to them being plastic.

Take care,

Ryan G

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Episode 19 - Regiments of Renown

They would tell you that Warhammer Fantasy can only be played with armies over 2000 points.  Those same people would say that Warhammer is only proper if played with lots of models across a massive battlefield.  Well, the Unstable Dice Podcast is here to show you the light.

The Warriors Three are joined by special guest Joe Flesch from the Waaaghcast to talk about Regiments of Renown and the Rise of Legends campaign being put on by the show.  If you have ever wondered how to play Warhammer Fantasy on a smaller scale, this is the episode for you.

Before we talk about the campaign and RoR system, Chuck and John talk about summer movies and the ever increasing size of models.  They also do Marshaling the Host.  In this episode's MoH, the guys talk about Warriors of Chaos and the buGo to your blog listrning chariot of Tzeentch.  After the discussion about RoR, Chuck and John return to do a tournament round-up.

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00:00:17 Opening Discussion (Summer Movies and Giant Models)
00:19:17 Marshaling the Host (Warriors of Chaos revisited and Burning Chariots)
00:49:00 Regiments of Renown (with special guest Joe Flesch)
01:22:30 Regiments of Renown (continued)
01:50:48 Tournament Round-up

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rise of Legends: Demonic Warriors

 Regiment of Renown: Demonic Warriors

The Regiment of Renown is a Warhammer World Event not lost overseas.  We are attempting to reproduce what Britain has but here in Chicago, Illinois.  Over the next several months myself and several other hobbyists will be putting outselves into the hot-seat and developing Renowned Regiments representative of core army books from Games Workshop.  I plan on working on Warriors of Chaos with a Khorne demonic edge.  The idea will be to completely build each model with a specific theme, demonic in nature.  I want to do Khorne demons because I feel they are the most iconic demons Games Workshop has developed and that most other people identify with, examples Satan.  Then I must incorporate 'special wargear' for each model like a spikey club or eye-patch.  Furthermore, upgrades for individual leaders, musicians, and standard bearer.
CGI demon example
These images are reflective of the theme I want to try and complete which includes using the demon bits I have on Warrior of Chaos models.  The flames will be incorporated with green stuff and will be blue. 
Classic Khorne
A color explosion and what i will try and achieve
A good example of what I will try and achieve can be seen below with destroyer from my CD army this past year.  It includes blue flames, ultra-forge demon parts, bloodthirster bits, and hellcannon bits. 

Example of Khorne Demon already produced, previously used as a destroyer.

My list with a little bit of everything...

Chosen, General – Enchanted shield, nurgle, luck stone, devastating charge stone, dragon bane gem, halberd 
Forsaken slannesh, frenzy, swift-stride, renown – hatre
Warrior, nurgle, halberd, shield
Warrior nurgle, shield, halberd
Warrior khorne, shield

Rise of Legends - Joe Flesch - Da Burna Boy'z (Pt. 1)

Hi everybody,

We’ll kick off my first article with a short introduction.  My name is Joe Flesch, some of you may know me from the Podcast/Blog, The Waaagh Cast!  I don't want to go into a super long story about my hobby past or credentials but I thought I’d cover some basics.  I've been playing GW games for 16+ years and while most of it was casual I've been heavily involved for the last 7 or 8 in just Warhammer Fantasy.  I hosted a Fantasy Podcast for 3 years and have just restarted it after a 1 year hiatus.  I’m pretty excited to be participating in this little project of Johns and hopefully you readers enjoy the articles that we’ll all be putting out.

Like most hobbyists I get pretty excited about projects like this.  The point of Regiments of Renown was to play very small, simple and quick games of Warhammer during short periods of time and to really be able to give your force a feeling of being unique and special.  You’re essentially building a small Regiment from the old Dogs of War days, but with your own fluff and model ideas.  To most of us it’s pretty exciting stuff.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what the other participants have in mind for their projects, but for now let’s get on to my own, why I chose it and what I plan to do for it.

So for my list I’ve ended up playing Orcs & Goblins.  I had a couple of ideas with these guys; but what I decided to do was find an Orc model that inspired me on its own and build from that point.  The one (well, two) I chose was the Orc Raider holding a torch and a pig under his arm.  With him as my inspiration I decided to build…  Da Burna Boyz, an Orc raiding party who will soon assuredly become quite well known for their pillaging ways.

I wanted to accentuate a number of themes with this group.  As raiders and pillages most if not all of the models will be carrying torches.  Every piece of Orc fluff says they leave nothing but destruction in their path so why would I not burn everything to the ground.  Scorched earth!  Second, with the unit being a group of raiders I wanted them to feel fast which meant taking things with mounts.  This hurt a lot on the point’s front, but I think in game it will also give me a big advantage being able to dictate charges and run around my opponents getting into positions that I want.  Finally as they are raiders they should all have swag bags and bits of plunder with them.  This gives me opportunity to use bits from all the other armies I’ve collected over the years.  Fun stuff!  With these thoughts in mind the tentative list is:

Orc – Extra Hand Weapon
Orc – Extra Hand Weapon
Orc – Extra Hand Weapon
Goblin Wolf Rider – Shield, Short Bow
Goblin Wolf Rider – Shield, Short Bow
Orc Boar Boy – Shield, Spear
Orc Boar Boy – Shield, Spear
Black Orc – Shield

This leaves me with 2 points free with which I could maybe add a spear onto the Wolf Riders, or maybe I’ll fiddle with the list some more and somehow squeeze in an extra body.  I’m not sure which.  Anyway, the list as above gives me a good amount of mobility.  Half of the models have Swiftstride and two have Vanguard plus Fast Cavalry which means I really have the ability to run around my opponent.  All Orc shooting being the same except for a shorter range for the Goblins I chose to put the Bows on the Wolfs so that I could get them to where I want the shots to be most.  One of the other things I wanted out of my lists was multiple attacks from every model.  In a game where combats are won and lost basically on the success of a single attack I wanted to try my best to tilt the odds into my favor.  The Black Orc and the Boar Riders give the army the higher Strength attacks to punch through enemy armor if need be and the Black Orc provides the highest possible leadership I can squeeze in at this level of play.

With the basics down, it’s time to begin gathering the pieces and models from my bits box for assembly.  One thing to say before I get started constructing is that the O&G army I plan on building later this year is a classic model army which is to say all the models are from 5th/6th edition of Warhammer.  I feel that some of these had the most character poses ever, but they also had a lot of single poses and lackluster movement in them as well.  So while I’d love to use the newer Boar Boys or the Fenrisian Wolfs for my Goblins I think I’ll have to forgo that option for now and fine some other way of making the models stand out.  Wish me luck and check back for updates soon.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Rise of Legends - The Heart of Avarice

It is the nature of all creatures to crave something upon entering the world. For most things, this craving doesn’t extend past acquiring just enough to survive each day. The very basics of life the only real objects of desire. However, as a creature becomes more self aware, its desires grow stronger and broader. These desires can take hold of a creature’s spirit, infusing it with a constant need to meet them by what ever means possible. When a creature reaches this state, it is said to be filled with the orange light of avarice.

Like the winds of magic, the illuminations of the emotional spectrum can be harnessed by those that have been touched by them in an intimate fashion. Such a wielder of emotions can produce effects that are a keen to magic. These abilities can make the user a formidable opponent, but such power comes with a cost.

If you have listened to episode 19 of the show, you likely heard us talk about starting a Regiments of Renown (RoR) campaign that we are calling The Rise of Legends. Ignoring the clich├ęd name, the purpose of this campaign was to get a group of local Warhammer fanatics together to flex our creative juices and challenge ourselves in a new way. We also thought this would be a fun way for each of us to share our experience with the format while still giving each individual the flexibility to participate in a fashion that their schedule allows.

One of the things that has worked out nicely with the campaign is that each of the eight participants has selected a different army book, so we will not see any duplicates from a gameplay perspective. When it came to making my selection, I went through a lengthy process of writing down each army book and capturing some pros and cons for using that particular book in the campaign. As I mentioned on the podcast, some of the books, like Dark Elves and Skaven, were easily removed from the list. However, there were still enough choices that settling on a single book took some time and soul searching. In the end, I decided to go with the Beastmen book as I wanted to explore a particular theme.

With the book selected, I have been pondering how to create the theme I am interested in exploring. The inspiration for the theme is the character Larfleeze from the Green Lantern comic books. In the comics, Larfleeze is a bestial looking character who harnesses the power of avarice (i.e. greed) in a fashion that is similar to how a green lantern uses willpower. Considering the selfish motivations of the Beastmen and my interest in playing with the color orange, I thought it would be a good inspiration for a project.

Since recording episode 19, I have hit a bit of a creative snag when it comes to my army list for the project. Originally I wanted to do a single centigor that is hunting with a pack of warhounds. Since discussing that idea on the show, I am realizing that the list doesn’t offer me enough in terms of conversation opportunities. I feel like I need to inject gors/ungors in the list as they will allow for some better conversions and tactical options. I would also like to play with a broader range of models to determine what I really like if I wish to expand the list into something bigger after the campaign.

Next Time: Prior Experiments with Greed

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Thursday Theme - 2400 Point High Elf Phoenix List

While I don't usually play games at this size, I figured I would take a crack at a 2400 point list, just on the off chance that I stay interested in High Elves. The theme of this list is to build a temple of Asuryan with the appropriate models defending it.

Anointed of Asuryan w/ Flamespyre Phoenix and Charmed Shield (440 pts)

Caradryan w/ Ashtari (420 pts)
Mage w/ Lvl 2 (Lore of High Magic) and Dispel Scroll and 6+ ward save (160 pts)

Silver Helms (10) w/ shields, musician and standard (250 pts)
Silver Helms (5) w/ shields, musician and standard (135 pts)
Silver Helms (5) w/ shields, musician and standard (135 pts)
Ellyrian Reavers (5) (90 pts)

Phoenix Guard (19) w/ musician and standard (Banner of Swiftness) (320)

Flamespyre Phoenix (225 pts)
Flamespyre Phoenix (225 pts)

Total Points: 2400

This is another fast moving army, except this time it is built around maxing out the number of phoenixes in the list. I think most folks prefer the Frostheart version, but I think the Wake of Fire and Phoenix Reborn rules allow for more options and possibilities on the battlefield.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Episode 18 - One Year Later

One year ago, a short guy named John thought it would be fun to record his thoughts on the Games Workhop hobby and share them with the universe. He convinced two talented gentlemen to join him in his quest and thus the Unstable Dice podcast was born. Jump ahead to May 31st, 2013 where they are now celebrating their first year as a podcast.

In this episode, the Warriors Three begin the show by talking about the return of the Waaaghcast and the latest rumors about 9th edition WFB. Next, the guys update the listeners on their hobby progress in that segment of the show called Marshaling the Host. As part of this MoT, Chuck discusses the Midwest Rampage, John talks about terrain in tournaments and Andrew plays Yatzhee.

With the updates out of the way, the guys spend a little time talking about sealing models. They discuss the types of sealer available and some of the tricks to using them correctly. Next, the winning topic for the episode is revealed and discussed. Finally, Andrew and John talk about a couple of upcoming tournaments and review an army list submitted by one of our listeners.

Download: Direct Download | iTunes

00:00:17 Introductions, Waaaghcast Returns, and 9th edition WFB
00:19:17 Marshaling the Host (Chuck's Review of the Midwest Rampage)
00:58:37 Hobby Corner (Sealers)
01:09:38 Tournament Etiquette (Congratulations to Ian Loxom)
01:49:55 Tournament Round-up and Listener Emails

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